03 March 2016

Getting out of a makeup rut

Routines, they're easy to get into but not so easy to shake up, and the worst thing about getting in to one with your makeup is that after a while you start get bored with your own collection. As I'm trying to get out my bad makeup habits I've found a few ways that I think could help other who are going through the same thing.

1. Declutter your stash
I'm going through a curating phase with my collection, now whilst  I don't mind having a larger collection than your normal gal, I want all of the products to be ones that I'll love equally.
If there's a product you haven't used in a while get rid of it as you and I both know you ain't gonna use it anytime soon. 

2. Try out new brands
I'm guilty of being pretty brand loyal, if it works I tend to stick with it, which isn't such a bad thing. But as a makeup lover you'll never discover great new products and brand by sticking to the statues quo. Adding more variety to your collection will not only make your collection more interesting to look at but you'll want to rotate things out more, which brings me nicely to my next point.

3. Rotate your stash
If you find that no matter what you try you just tend to reach for the same old faves time and again, then each week go into your collection and pull out a product that you haven't used in a bit. You'll soon discover new loved or perhaps a new dislikes. Either way you'll learn to use up more of what you have, or get rid of products that are taking up valuable space. 

These are my tips for getting out of the well known makeup rut, loving your collection more and getting to grips with what you have. If you have any suggestions of your own feel free to leave them below!

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