29 February 2016

I got some things from Inglot

I had no intention of picking up any makeup on my recent trip to good old Westfields, but as I hasn't visited Inglot in a while I decided to have a quick look around and see what was new.
As you can see I didn't go too crazy, I already own quite a new bits and bobs from Inglot, and I am attempting to try out product from new brands this year.

Purchasing these lip product was an accident of sorts, I though it was a really skinny matte lipstick, if I had read the packaging I would have realised that they are really thick lipliners. #19 and 34 where my colours of choice this time round one being a berry shade and the other a terra-cotta toned nude. As lippies they work ok, very opaque but drying. As liners the get the job done and are super long lasting, I'm actually even considering picking up a red one.

I know that the whole contouring and highlighting thing is very much en vogue at the moment but I find myself never really bothered to do it, it just seems like too much work. This cream foundation #94 caught my eye as it is in fact a cream to powder formulation. As someone who doesn't really set their makeup I thought this would be killing a couple of birds with one rather big stone. It's a little on the dark side however I'm slowly getting to grips with.

I couldn't leave without getting a couple of foundation samples, I'm looking to add to my current rotation and I thought "what's the harm in trying one out?". I've given the HD foundation a go and it left me looking like a hot ashy mess, so that's a no go. Seeing as the YSM cream foundation is a little lighter than its HD counterpart, I may just give it a pass.

There you have it folks, that's all I got thins time round, however I now have the makeup shopping spree itch.


  1. I really like the look of those lip liners. I really wish Inglot was readily available where I live as I think I may be the last blogger on earth who hasn't tried their gel liner. At least this means my wallet is spared!

    1. That's unfortunate! but perhaps they may be making their way to you soon :)


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