14 January 2016

Decluttering the collection

I'm getting to that point in my makeup life where I'm trying to curate my collection, I feel I should have products that I love and want to slap on my face all the time. We all go through phases where we fall in and out of love, but if there are products that you know you've not use in years, and you most likely never will, why keep hold of it? Make space for something that you will, so that's what I did. As you can see my "get rid of" pile has quite a few glosses, and super nude lippies. I think this just show how much my taste has evolved, I mean look at the eyeshadow palatte, beautiful, but nope.

Why should you have a clear out? 

1. Well for a start it really helps you to get to grips with what you actually own, it's pretty easy add to your collection and then forget about what you already have.
2. You give unloved products a new home, my sister who is just getting into makeup is a very happy bunny when I have my clear outs.
3. There's also the fact that you get rid of gone off products that are doing nothing but gathering bacteria. Obviously my sis won't be getting these.
4. Now that you've made space you can go out and buy some more, buuut this time you'll be buying products that you'll show some love to, that's the theory anyway.

Then we have the maybe pile, the I really enjoy using a certain colours from this palette pile, or I'm really not sure I want to get rid of you yet pile. I don't remember the last time I've even opened some of these, I went through a point where I would just buy any palette that sleek came out with, I'm brand loyal like that. But as I'm really just trying to keep things that I want to use all the time, this type of mentality is just not going to cut it anymore. I was trying to be ruthless with my cull, but I feel like these palettes needed a second chance, especially that blush one which I don't think I've even used, yikes! I plan on doing another clear out in a few months time so if theses don't get used they will be getting the boot too.

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