07 January 2016

As I am coconut cowash review

Anyone with natural hair will know the struggle of trying to keep it moisturised,  I'm always trying to find new ways to keep my hair juicy. I no longer use shampoos with sulphates in them but recently I've taken my quest for moisture a little bit further. So I've now decided to give cowashing a whirl! I've been hearing that shampoos in general are bad for afro hair, regardless of whether they are sulphate free which is why I'm going the no foam route.

What is cowashing I hear you cry? It's basically washing your hair with conditioner, the idea is that doing so will prevent your hair from being stripped of all its goodness, leaving it soft and hydrated. I always had my misgivings about just using conditioner I just personally don't think it can get hair as clean as it needs to be, but now companies have cottoned on to this craze and are creating products that have the benefits of using a conditioner combined with the cleaning action of a shampoo.

People have been singing the praises of the As I Am Coconut Cowash for some time, so I thought it was a good starting product. I applied it in sections to my hair making sure to really get in to all the nooks and crannies on my head, and washed it out after I was done. I was very surprised the first time I used it as it left my hair super clean which is just what I was looking for, it was almost too clean dare I say. I was left with the dreaded squeaky clean feeling which isn't always a bad thing but my hair didn't feel as soft as I would have liked it to afterwards. I also went through it rather quickly, shampoo can last me months but I felt like I went through the tub in about 10 washes, I'm heavy handed what can I say, however considering I paid £9.95 for it at the time that's pretty steep.
I would say that for me it was more clarifying, so perhaps it's something to use when I have a lot of build up.
Would I repurchase? yeah sure, but next time I'll use it along side a really heavy duty deep conditioner, the aim here is juicy not crispy hair.

Have you used this before, or do you have any cowash recommendations?

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