04 January 2016


Happy New Year everyone!!

With a new year comes a whole new set of promises that we make but most likely won't be able to keep. Not this year! I never usually make promises out loud for the simple fact that I don't like to seem like I'm breaking them, but that's a pretty crappy way to look at things once you think out it as you never really have to commit to the ones you make to yourself. This year I've decided to make myself more accountable and try and get ish done!

It's no secret that I'm very wishy washy with this blog and with good old youtube, once I get busy with life it's a little difficult to get back into the swing of things, but towards end of 2015 I found myself wishing more and more that I was consistent with the hobbies that I honestly really love. So without further ado, I've compiled a short and hopefully doable list of makeup/ blogging/ online life goals that I want to set myself.

Try new things
It's something that I want to do more of in general, but I noticed that I started using the same products over and over again as it was easy and convenient, which makes for very boring make up looks I can tell ya. I'm not saying I 'm going to "BUY ALL THE MAKEUP!!!!", heck I wish I could, but now I want to give some attention to brands and products that I haven't up until now. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.

Make time to blog and make youtube videos
I started a new job halfway through last year that literally consumes my life, now that my body has adjusted and I've gotten used to the hectic hours, I'm hoping to be able to get back to the online side of life.

Be more outgoing
Once I stopped blogging and making videos I stoping checking out other blogs. I miss the community aspect of it all, seeing what my blogger buds were up to and the dialogues that were created. If you don't keep up with what is going on you fall behind, so let's just say I have a lot of reading to do.

So that's my short and sweet list, I know that with effort I can get these things done and I'm really excited to. So here's to 2016!!


  1. I'm so so glad your back hun. We don't even meet up anymore. Let's catch up on whatsapp.

    Welcome back!!!!

    1. thanks hun! Email me your number as I don't have it


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