09 August 2015

WorkLook #1

Well look who has a new segment on their blog! Being the kind of person who loves to go all out with their makeup is great and all, but when you work in a corporate environment, outlandish looks just don't really cut it. It's pretty easy to get into boring makeup routines, but I want to show people that you can still look professional whilst having fun with your makeup. 

The key for me is having a consistent base, that way you don't waste getting ready time trying new things. Go wild with the elements that are noticeable such as eye, lip and cheek combos.When you have a large collection there really isn't an excuse not to rummage through your stash and use that palette you keep meaning to show some love to that's now collecting dust.

Like I said I don't change up my foundation, but I only own two so I honestly don't have much of a selection to choose from anyways. However the one that I use almost daily is Lancome's teint idole, let me tell you this is some hard working stuff, once it's on, it ain't going nowhere! I could go on and on about it, but I think it deserves it's own dedicated blog post, which I shall write soon. In fact I think I'll do a separate post just on my simple work foundation routine!

I've been really feeling the "smokey" eye look I've been wearing to work, as you can see there's nothing dramatic about this at all, I only use two colours, but for me I found it adds a little somethin' somethin' to my makeup. 
MAC | Swiss chocolate
Tarte | Best friend
Rimmel | Scandaleyes
Etude house | proof 10 primer

I think I need to give myself a pat on the back, I own so many blushes so but I've been making the effort to rotate them, admittedly I don't do it as often as I should, but I give myself an "A" for effort. This Sleek cheek palette has been grabbed more often than not, mainly because it's one of those great "go-to" products. I've been mixing the two end shades together, turbinado is not as pigmented as I would like, so mixing it with demerara results is a lovely muted berry colour.

Sleek makeup | Sugar blush palette
This chubby stick is an "I don't really need to think about" type of product, I don't need a lip liner with it, it's moisturising, pigmented, and I don't really need to top it up often as it fades nicely. When you're at work you don't really want to be worried about whether you lippy is still on your face, so I always find that I product like this one works well for me.

Clinique | Plushest punch chubby stick

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