17 April 2015

Shopping my stash #3

(L-R) Inglot AMC blush #63, La Femme Mauve, La femme Sienna, Illamasqua sin

(L-R) MUA heaven and earth palette, Mac Cork, Mac Espresso

(L-R) Mac Vegas volt, Rimmel Vintage pink, Sephora R15, Sephora R19 

Shopping my stash has made a comeback! I'm not a big hoarder, especially when it comes to my makeup, what's the point in buying it, if it's not going to get used?! So in the spirit of actually using what I paid good money for, I decided to go through my collection and pick out items that need to be shown more love. I chose to keep it fairly small, when I previously shopped my stash I didn't end up using as much as I wanted, because I overwhelmed myself with my choices, hey, when it comes to shopping anything, one can go a little crazy. This time round the list is short, sweet and manageable.

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