31 March 2015

Everyday makeup organisation

I am an organisation freak, I make no secret of it. I've been jazzing up my room lately, trying to make it more organised and decluttered, so I recently purchased the blogger fav that everyone and their puppy has, the malm vanity desk. I actually don't have a massive makeup collection, but I still like to keep it all as organised as possible. I had to get an everyday storage drawer as it would be too much of a hassle to have to root through my vanity to find the products I use regularly. The size is absolutely perfect for me, I knew that if I bought the larger drawers I would be tempted to buy makeup just to fill it, keeping it small means I have choices and I'm more likely to use what's in there.

The top drawer houses my most used bases, foundation, concealers and correctors, etc. The bottom which contains blushes, lipsticks and any other miscellaneous bits and bobs is a little bit more flexible, and will change with what I'm currently loving at the moment.

Apart from a few final touches, I'm really happy with my current setup!
What's your storage system like?

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