14 October 2012

My teeny tiny Inglot haul

Matte 335 | AMC 65 | AMC 55

A few weeks ago I decided to pop into inglot whilst I was on a little shopping excursion, I already own a palette from them and as I love the pigmentation of their eyeshadows, I decided that I will be extending my collection. I only picked up 3 as I didn't want to go wild. I noticed that there weren't as many matte shades available as I thought there would be, I know since purchasing my palette they've put out a slew of new shades. I'm guessing that I'll have to go online to get them.

I got pretty neutral shades, but I know I'll get use out of them, and I also picked up a black with blue glitter  just because it was purdy. These eyeshadow only set me back £4.50 each, which I think is a steal for the quality and the amount of product that you get.

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