17 April 2012

The nail polish files: E.LF's Desert haze

When I first purchased this colour, I thought it was going to be love at first swipe, but when I tried it on I hated it! As you guys must know by now, I'm trying to improve the health of my nails and grow them out. When my nails are short I never really bother with them as I don't like the look of nail polish on my short nails, but I don't like naked nail either, queue E.l.F's Desert haze. I wanted to have my nails painted whilst they grow out,  I didn't want to have to bother with choosing a new colour every time I repainted, and as it was a colour I wasn't fond of, I wanted to use it up and make way for something else. Funnily enough, now that I've been using this as my "grow out" polish it has really grown in me.
It's opaque in two coats and lasts around two days without chipping, for £1.50 I don't think that's too shabby.

Have you tried E.L.F polishes?

11 April 2012

March favourites

As you can see March was most definitely a minimal makeup month for me, I found that I was just not all too bothered about putting in that much effort into my makeup. My look has been so basic which is refreshing, plus I get my makeup done in record time, so I have time to chill before I have to head off to work.

What were your March favourites?

06 April 2012

FOTD: Crossed wires

Hello there everyone! It feels like forever since I last posted, I'm trying to get my blogging/vlogging mojo back so bare with me :)
To ease myself back in, I have a face of the day post for you, this is the makeup that I've been rocking for the past couple of weeks. I never thought I'd be the kind of person that could go liner less, but here I am with my eyelids all kinds of nekkid. I've just not been feeling eyeshadow, plus without liner I can actually really see my lashes which is nice. MACs crosswires lipstick has been my lippy of choice recently, I started using it as I realised I bought it last year, but never wore it out, ever, which it pretty terrible as MACs lipsticks are not cheap! I'm so glad I forced myself to use it, it looks coral for some reason in the tube but as you can see, it's a really wearable pink that suits my skin tone, but I have no doubt it's a shade that will suit a lot of people.

Thin layer of NC50 select cover up concealer all over the lid
MSF natural in Dark to set
Daniel Sandler | Jumbo jet mascara

MAC | Matchmaster 7.5
MAC | select cover up NC48 for under eyes
MAC | MSF natural in dark to set
Sleek | contour kit in medium
Sleek | Guipure blush from the lace blush by 3 palette
NARS | Exhibit A

MAC | Crosswires

Have you tried MACs Crosswires?
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