29 February 2012

Sleek blush by 3: Lace

Now we are on to the 5th and final palette, yay! It took a while but I got there in the end folks. When I first saw Lace I thought it was not going to suit my skin tone, it looked like the colours would be "too light" however thankfully I don't think that will be the case. 

Sleek blush by 3: Pumpkin

I'v been really lazy with these blush posts as they take forever to edit, luckily after this one I just  have 1 more left, which would be lace. Pumpkin is the palette I'd say looked most 'fun' if that makes sense, there are a nice mix of colours but don't think this one will be a favourite, only time will tell I guess.

26 February 2012

Sleek blush by 3: Flame

Flame is the palette with the more red blushes as you can see, although I'm sure most of the palettes will get used, this is the one I see myself using the most!

22 February 2012

Review: The body shop hemp foot protector

The body shop had a 50% off deal on some products a couple of weeks ago, so I took it as an opportunity to not only stock up on my favourite hand cream which is the hemp hand protector, but I also decided to try out some new products. One of the new items that I picked up was the hemp foot protector which I got because I love the hand cream so much. It wasn't a surprise to me that I feel in love with the foot cream too, sometimes I find it hard to really get my feel moisturised, yes tmi, but dry skin is something I know a lot of people have a problem with. I like to use this right after I've take my shower whilst my feet are really soft and I apply a generous amount of it, needless to say my feet feel moisturised and they look it too!

The consistency of this is really thick which I love, you just have to look at it in the tub to see that it's going to be super moisturising. The scent of this product is what I would describe as being 'earthy', If you've used the hand protector is has a similar scent to it, honestly I wasn't a fan of the it, but I'm so used to it now that I don't even notice it anymore.

The price is £10 for 100ml, as I'd ordered it online I was really surprised at the size, it was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but as I did get it half price I was something I could over look. 

I really love this product and I will be repurchasing it when this tub done, I'll probably try and stock on when it's next on offer thought. I'm really pleased with the products that I've tried from the hemp line so far and I've got my eye on the other products in their line, though I'm sure I'll be waiting for those to come on offer too :D

Have you tried the hemp foot protector?

20 February 2012

Sleek blush by 3: Pink sprint

The next blush I have to show you is Pink sprint, It's the one that stood out the most for me and the one I knew I had to have, even though I don't wear pink blush often. However I can see myself reaching for these shades a lot, especially pinktini and pink parfait.

19 February 2012

Sleek Blush by 3: Sugar

Sleek have released 5 new blush palettes, 3 of which I have acquired. I honestly had no clue they were even going to release them, I'm usually on top of the new products that Sleek brings out, but these came out of nowhere, however they were a welcome surprise. I have a thing for sleek blushes, I think I own 11 of them so I was curious to see the colours that where in the new palettes but also I wanted to add them to my collection as these are limited edition. I decided to give each blush its own post as there is a lot of swatching going on and I still need to get my hands on the last 2. 

15 February 2012

My new Z palette

My La femme blushes finally have a home! I took the plunge and got a Z palette  to organise all of the random eye shadows and blushes that were hanging around. I opted for the pro sized mainly because of my OCD ways, I knew with the large size it wouldn't be able to fit 3 La femme blushes in one neat row, I know that sounds crazy, but I can't help it. I may even end up rearranging the palette as I'm not liking that space where a 9th blush should be. I got mine from love makeup for £19.99, they have a couple other palettes sizes, the large and the small size. I foresee myself buying the other sizes in the future, maybe the small size for travel.

Do you own a Z palette?

05 February 2012

FOTD: Inglot neutrals

This was meant to go up a while ago, but alas I was lazy and couldn't be bothered finish writing it up. This eye combo is one of my favourites from my inglot palette, which btw has been getting so much  love from me *pats self on the back*.
MAC | swiss chocolate
Inglot | D.S 464
Inglot | Pearl 452
ELF | liquid liner
Daniel sandlers | Mascara

MAC | select cover up concealer
ELF | tone correcting concealer
Sleek | Aruba & sahara blush

Gosh | Nougat
Revlon | Nude lustre

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