16 September 2012

Bioderma review

I finally gave into curiosity and gave Bioderma a go, it's that product that you don't what to try out because it's so hyped, but yet you still kind of do because everyone won't stop going on about it. As you can see my bottle if half way gone, so I've using the heck out of this stuff.

Bioderma is supposed to be a makeup remover for both the eyes and the face, but to be honest I only use it to remove my face makeup. I usually use an eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup, and I'd use something else for my face. I know everyone goes on about this being fantastic as an all round remover, but I just don't think it's up to the task when it comes to my eye makeup. It just doesn't remove everything like I'd like it to. I place the Bioderma soaked cotton pad on my eye for around 10 seconds, and then swipe it off. It takes off mascara like a dream and most if not all of my eye makeup in a couple of swipes. "So what's your problem?" you may ask, well it transfers. After I've thought I've removed everything, I'll look in the mirror and see that my liquid liner or mascara had transferred to my lower lash line, I very rarely line there so I  find it really annoying that it does this. It means extra tugging, which I'm not cool with, my usual eye makeup remover never does this to me.

Another issue I have with this is that, after I have taken off my face makeup with it, it often feels quite dry. However as I always follow it up with a creamy cleanser, I double cleanse, it's not something I take too much of an issue with.
On the plus side, it's an excellent face makeup remover, it takes off every last drop on my face. Whenever I wear a full face I'm pretty OCD about taking it all off, and this does the trick. On the whole I have to say I do love it, despite the issue that I have, for me all of them can be overcome which is great. Will I repurchase? Yes I would, but when this finishes I'll probably look for a more accessible alternative as I had to get this on eBay

Have you tried it?


  1. Great review, I have heard so much about it, I light have to try it.

  2. Cheers Ane, I will also try this product out. Thanks x



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