23 August 2012

NYX long lip pencil haul

Auburn, Chestnut, Cocoa, Cabaret and Prune

I've been eyeing up NYX for a such a long time, I've heard so much praise for their products from bloggers and youtubers, so I'm surprised with myself that it took so long for me to take the plunge and give the brand a go. I'm not a big lip liner person, it's a step that I've never been too bothered with, but there have been times when I'll pop on a lippy and think that It would look even better with a liner. Also when I'm putting together looks for a tutorial, I feel it would be great to have the variation, instead of using the same old thing all the time. 

So far just from swatching I've found them to be super creamy and glide on with ease, one was so creamy in fact that the tip broke mid swatch :/. I'll have to use them more to get a better gauge of them, but so far I'm pleased. There were a few that were sold out when I made my order on ebay, so I'll definitely be picking up a few more.

I purchased mine from this seller on eBay, they were only £1.50 so you can't really go wrong.Do you own any NYX products?


  1. I love that purple! I am such a huge purple lip fan, and its hard to get a good liner!

  2. Caberet and prune will be mine. I love the purple.

  3. Beautiful colors.*_*
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  4. I was just thinking I need to get some NYX liners. It's just a bit hard to gauge the color on dark skin like mine. I am so happy to have found you on twitter (happygigglygirl--me) and Youtube. As well as your blog now! Thank you. I've made a note to go get these ALL!


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