08 May 2012

Shopping my stash # 2

The time has come again for me to delve into my collection and start to show some products love. For the past month or so now my makeup has been very minmal, as I've recently began to make more of a effort, I thought I'd take advantage and use up some products in my stash. This time round there are a fair few, I wanted to give myself a good selection, so that I wouldn't get bored, plus I'm on a mission to finish things up.

E.l.F | tone correcting concealer
sleek makeup | oh so special palette
Inglot palette
Sleek makeup | Flamingo blush
NARS | Albatross
NARS | Taj Mahal
Sephora | G17 natural rose
rimmel | birthday suit
MAC | Viva glam Cindi & Gaga

will you be showing love to your unused products?


  1. Wow gorgeous, I can't imagine the rest of your collection!

    1. thanks, my collection isn't huge though, I'm trying my best to keep it small :)

  2. i need to do this too. especially since i'm moving soon, i'll be able to see what i should just get rid of already!

  3. Oh so special is my favourite palette! I love it!


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