14 May 2012

MAC Mineralised skin finish natural review

I'm quite surprised that I haven't done a review on this product yet, I've raved about it in quite a few of my videos, so I'm sure those of you who are subscribed to my youtube channel will know that I absolutely love this!  I find that this is quite a multipurpose product, I use it to set the concealer that I place under my eyes, I use it as a setting powder all over my face or I'll use it to as a powder on it's own, I could go on, but we'll be here forever.

The swatch that I have done is quite heavy but it won't go on this pigmented, it's a translucent powder so you won't find that you get much coverage from it. I use the shade 'Dark' which is perfect for me. The thing I really love about this powder is that it doesn't mattify my skin, it lets any sheen or glow come through, and if you look very closely the powder has a very slight shimmer to it, it's barely noticeable but it's there, but it doesn't translate onto the skin which is great.

As a makeup lover there are a couple of other powders that I want to try, purely out of curiosity, but I sure I'll come right back to my trusty MSF. 

I think it's clear for all to see that I love this thing and it's a keeper, I've had this one for months and although I use it every time I apply makeup, I still haven't hit pan on it yet!
Price:  £20.50

Have you tried this out yet? What do you think of it?


  1. I have (and love) this!

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  2. I've been wearing MSF for years and its so great!! Some people even think I'm wearing foundation when I have it on.

    1. it looks so natural on the skin! x


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