18 March 2012

Nail Tek foundation II review

If some of you remember this post that I did a while back, I bought some products in the hope that they'd cure me of my unhealthy nail problem. My nails have been peeling and splitting at the side for a couple of years now, and I have no clue why as I look after them. 

I started using this product right after I bought it early December of last year, so I feel I've tested it out for long enough to give a review on it. I picked up the Nail Tek foundation II because a youtuber raves about how much this stops her nails from peeling, I wish I could say this did the same for me, but it didn't.
To be fair I've noticed a lot less peeling, the problem I have with this product is that my nails don't feel strong, you see the length of my nails in the picture above? Well that's pretty much as long as they get these days. This product does not strengthen my nails one bit so they just break really easily! I like for my nails to have a bit of length so I can shape them, plus I love how polish looks on them when they are a tad bit longer. 

The picture below is of me wearing the same polish, Barry M's peach melba if you were wondering (It was in my early beauty blogging days so the picture isn't the best lol) but you can see the length to my nails, and to think I thought some of the nails where short.
The nail treatment that I was using before this was the Nail Tek II intensive therapy, this one feels like more of a base coat as once applied it has a shiny finish, the foundation II on the other had dries milky and matte. The reason why I switched from the intensive therapy was because of the fact that my nails continued to peel, however I miss how strong they felt when I used it.

The foundation II can be found on amazon for around £4-5, however I paid £12.50 on amazon because I didn't shop around properly.  Because of how much I paid for it I'm determined to finish this up, so I try and use two coats during my mani.

I will NOT be buying this again, I've had people recommend to me a Sally Hansen treatment that I think I'll try out next, if that doesn't work I'll just go back to the intensive therapy II.

Do you have problematic nails? 


  1. Hey! I have the same exact problem, and the winter time just aggraveted it a lot more.
    I bought not one but two products, one from Butter London the other from Qtica.
    I'll let you know if they work for me so you can try them out.

    1. sure! let me know how you get on x

  2. Hi hun! I've actually written a post on this, nails that break vertically right? I have the same thing, but there is a way to prevent that :) I wrote about it here:

    When you read the beginning of the post it explains why it works.. Hope this works for you xx


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