19 February 2012

Sleek Blush by 3: Sugar

Sleek have released 5 new blush palettes, 3 of which I have acquired. I honestly had no clue they were even going to release them, I'm usually on top of the new products that Sleek brings out, but these came out of nowhere, however they were a welcome surprise. I have a thing for sleek blushes, I think I own 11 of them so I was curious to see the colours that where in the new palettes but also I wanted to add them to my collection as these are limited edition. I decided to give each blush its own post as there is a lot of swatching going on and I still need to get my hands on the last 2. 

First off we have the Sugar palette, this one in comparison to the ones that I got is more varied and I'll elaborate on that later. It contains 2 matte shades and a shimmery one, which is great for me as I wear matte blushes 95% of the time.  

In terms of dupability, Sugar is the one that I found 2 clear dupes for from Sleeks permanent line.   

Demerara & Flushed
These two are clearly the same colour, if we're going to be nitpicky then Demerara is a touch darker, but it's all going to look the same once blended out.

Muscovado & Sunrise
Again we have a bang on dupe, the only difference here is the consistency. What I've come to find out so far is that the blushes in the palette are far smoother than the single blushes. Muscovado went on like buttah, Sunrise on the other hand you can clearly see in the pan that it's not smooth. 

Turbinado & Sahara
This is the shade that I did not have a dupe for with anything in my whole blush collection, which I'm happy about. In the pan I thought it looked somewhat similar to Sahara, but as you can clearly see they are nowhere near the same. The blush that I think it might be closest to is Sleeks life's a peach, but as I don't own that one yet I can't be sure.

If you already have the dupes that I mentioned you may have probably written this paletter off, which if I wasn't such a blush addict I would too. I mentioned before it's more varied which in my opinion makes it a great paletter to have, why? I actually think this would be perfect for travel. I feel like Sleek should have made a palette that was more random as some of them are in a similar colour family. However with this one you get a pinky berry shade, a shimmery bronzy gold shade that has a very subtle pink to it and a peachy shade, so you a have a few options especially if you're someone who mixes colours.

A single Sleek blushes is 8g and costs £4.30, whereas the Blush Palette contains around 6g, 20g in total for £9.99 which I think is a great deal. As far as I know the palettes will be sold in Superdrug only, so for those of you who are international makeup lovers you'll need to find another way to get your hands on these.

Have you been able to nab one yet?


  1. Oh wow!! Thanks for doing the comparisons!! I have sunrise and flushed and they are almost exact dupes!!

  2. Great comparisons, my favourite of the three shades is Muscavado but Demerara comes a very close second!

    1. yep both are really lovely shades!

  3. Your review is very helpful! (not that i can buy this in my city)... The two sleek blushes I got are really great quality! I love your photos and style - following now!
    Beauty Sketch - Jacq's Beauty Journal

    1. thank you, sleek has really awesome quality! x

  4. Thank you for such a helpful review and with swatches! I don't own any Sleek blushes yet so I think now would be a good time to try them out with this trio. :) x

    1. these would actually be great for sleek blush first timers! x

  5. Fantastic! Thank you! I brought this today and was going to get Flushed next week. Now I don't need to! : ) x

  6. Great post :) I can't wait to buy these! Could you please tell me where exactly in London you bought them as no superdrug that I have been to sells them? I've tried soo many superdrugs that I thought you can't even buy them in London.

  7. God, those colors are so amazing! I imagine them looking amazing on you and the palette is also a great deal.


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