29 February 2012

Sleek blush by 3: Pumpkin

I'v been really lazy with these blush posts as they take forever to edit, luckily after this one I just  have 1 more left, which would be lace. Pumpkin is the palette I'd say looked most 'fun' if that makes sense, there are a nice mix of colours but don't think this one will be a favourite, only time will tell I guess.

This palette is very dupable, both of the dupes that I found are spot on. P pie is pretty unique and just pretty in general so I'm glad have it.
Squash & Flamingo
These two are identical, I can't really say much more about them. Flamingo is permanent so it's not like you'll be getting your hands on a previously limited edition shade.
Lantern & Aruba
Again spot on, however Aruba was limited with the Caribbean collection so that's something to keep in mind.


  1. I'm loving your posts on the Sleek palettes :)
    I want the palette just for P Pie; I've got NARS' Taj Mahal which is quite shimmery in comparison to Lantern but more than anything I want P Pie!

  2. I went into superdrug yesterday to have a look at these blushes, I wasn't impressed. I don't think they're as good quality as the single blushes.

    1. I have to disagree, I find the quality of these to be better, they swatch way smoother and come off as far more pigmented! x

  3. These posts are so helpful.
    I didn't expect Squash to be a dupe for Flamingo. I hate how Flamingo looks on me. I've got Aruba so I will skip this palette.

  4. my aruba got stolen :s (actually my bag got stolen but it had aruba in it so yeah) i loved it like crazy... lantern is an exact match? cecause i love love loved how aruba looked on me and really want the perfect match as a substitution..

  5. Do you think this palette is also beautiful for a really fair/light skin?
    Because I wanted to buy lace, and I just saw it's out of stock..


    1. I think all the palettes would work on any skin tone! You just need to learn how to work with them x

  6. Thanks for the posts for each blush by 3 palette! Love it!


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