20 February 2012

Sleek blush by 3: Pink sprint

The next blush I have to show you is Pink sprint, It's the one that stood out the most for me and the one I knew I had to have, even though I don't wear pink blush often. However I can see myself reaching for these shades a lot, especially pinktini and pink parfait.

I was glad when I realised I only had one dupe for this, I think I'd be really annoyed if I started to find a slew of dupes in these palettes. 

Pink Ice & Santorini
The one dupe that I found was Sleeks Santorini, for those of you who missed out one this limited edition blush that came out with the mediterranean collection, I'm sure this palette will be a must have for you and you'll be getting two other really beautiful shades to boots!

Keep your eyes peeled for the posts on the rest of the palettes :D


  1. Wow these blushes are so beautiful, They sort of remind me of La Femme blushes

    1. they reminded me of them too! But I didn't find any dupes surprisingly

  2. Co-sign on the La Femme blushes.

    I want it sooo badly, I couldn't find this palette in my Superdrug but I'm going to search high and low because I need Pinktini in my life right now!

    1. keep looking! I'm sure you'll find it! x

  3. Great post. Can't wait for the post on the other ones.


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