26 February 2012

Sleek blush by 3: Flame

Flame is the palette with the more red blushes as you can see, although I'm sure most of the palettes will get used, this is the one I see myself using the most!

In terms of dupes, so far sleek don't have any that I can say are exact dupes of any of the shades.

Molten & Coral
In the pan they look like they would be identical, but as the swatch shows molten is a little bit more orange and has very, very subtle shimmers in it.
Bon Fire & Exhibit A
I know that sleek came out with a red blush in a past collection but I ended up not getting it as I had Exhibit A and I didn't see the point in having both. So that may be a dupe for bon fire, but as I don't have it I can't tell. Compared to Exhibit A bon fire is far more red and exhibit A is more orangy.

What do you think of this palette?


  1. Flame is the one i'd definitaly get. I craved Sugar first, but as I already own Flushed and Sunrise (I like both a lot) it seems pretty pointless :)
    Thanks for swatching and comparing.
    Do you own Pumpkin, too? I'm really interested in this one...

    1. Yep I have all of them! I should be uploading the rest in the next few days :)

  2. I love sleek blushes so when this came out I was ecstatic! I bought pumpkin last week and I wanted lace too but it was sold out. I even got my boyfriend and sister to search high and low for the lace trio in leicester and birmingham every single day LOL! no luck still! I might just end up getting sugar.

    1. lol really? good luck with your search! x


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