02 January 2012

My Inglot palette

I remember hearing so much about Inglot eyeshadows on both youtube and on many, many blogs a while back, so of course I went out and got myself some! I've had my palette for almost a year now and as much as I love the quality of these shadows, I just didn't find myself reaching for them as much as my mac ones. I'm a matte lover, and when I purchased my palette Inglot's selection was poor, but they've since released a slew of matte shades. I plan on going to IMATS next month so hopefully I'll be picking up another palette or two consisting of a truck load of matte shades.

As I've been forcing myself to dig into my collection of non matte shades, my palette has been shown so much love, I use it every time I put on eyeshadow now! 

I have only one matte shade, and as you can see it has seen better days, I was moving around the colours in my palette, but when I came to moving this shade it began to crumble :(

Other than that these are great quality for the price. They are very pigmented and go on very smoothly and as I mentioned I will be picking up more. Quick note that 494 shade is actually purple, but it's an odd one as once you blend it out it does start to look navy.

If I remember correctly the palette cost £54

Pearl 423 | Pearl 421 | D.S 464 | Pearl 450 | Matte 366
Pearl 452 | AMC shine 12 | AMC shine 34 | D.S 494 | Pearl 413
Do you own any Inglot shadows?

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