31 January 2012

La Colors nail polish haul

These are part of the beauty products that I bought in this post, but I thought they needed a post of their own as they're pretty :D
You're probably thinking "woah that's a lot of polish to buy in one go" and yes, yes it is, but these were only 99p so I went wild! I even picked up a few glitters polishes as my collection is lacking and these were so sparkly, I was like a moth to a flame. As you can see I haven't swatched any of them, but I'm sure a few of these will crop up my in a NOTD/the polish files post or two. If you live in London you can pick these up from beauty base in Westfield.

Dark Drown | Mauve glaze | Apricot | French nail creme | Raspberry
Cactus | sassy sparkle | Jungle Fever | Glistening purple | treasure island (picked up two by mistake)

have you tried these before?

30 January 2012

My brow tutorial

So I totally forgot to post this on here, I've gotten a few questions about how I do my eyebrows so here's the tutorial.

29 January 2012

Recent Beauty purchases

I hate the fact that beauty essentials seem to run out at the same time, it's like some sort of law of universe that I will never understand. I picked up a few essentials and some not so essential items on a recent trip to superdrug and boots, these are just a few of the things I got. When you're a beauty junkie repurchasing items really speaks volumes about it, I stopped testing out new skincare as I'm pretty happy with the routine I have now. All of the skincare items are repurchases, I even have a blog post on the boots No7 cleanserThe only skincare item I haven't tried out was the Nivea lotion, I'm always on the hunt for a really moisturising lotion, and yes I've tried palmers coco butter and I don't like it. Over hyped and under performs.
I really like superdrugs own brand of nail polish remover, however I'm yet to try this formulation. I've been using the acetone formulation lately and my cuticles have bee dry as heck! I usually don't buy these pre-soaked remover pads, but I've been finding that by the time I get back from work I'm too tired to tend to my nails, so I plan on carrying one of these in my bag so I can remove polish on the go and re paint my nails when I get home. I love changing up my polish and lately I've been slacking.
I finally own the sleek 'oh so special' palette, I feel so behind as it came out ages ago but I never had to opportunity to get it, the colours are really wearable so I'm hoping I actually use this palette.

Have you picked up anything recently?

25 January 2012

La Femme Blushes

Finally I've gotten my grubby mits on some La femme blushes, these are so well talked about and loved and now that I own some I can totally see why! The pigmentation that these blushes have rivals my NARS ones, I might even go as far as say they're even more so. I'm usually over zelous with my blush application, but I have to be super careful with these.
 I find that the amount I get by dipping my brush into these blushes is enough for both of my cheeks, I usually have to shake some product off. I think what has everyone going nuts over these is the price point, one of these will set you back a whooping £2.99, which honestly can't be beaten in my book. I can't wait to add more of these to my collection!

I got mine fron Genie cosmetics but you can also get them on love makeup, for the most part both sites stock the same colours, but there are some colours that one site might have whilst the other doesn't.

Cinnabar | Sienna | Redwood | Russet
Mauve | Magenta | Rose chiffon

Have you tried La femme blushes?

20 January 2012

The Hunger games inspired makeup series: District 2

2 faced | shadow insurance
MAC | Swiss Chocolate
MAC | Embark
the rest of the eyeshadows were from the 88 warm palette
ELF | liquid liner
ELF | natural lashes


Sleek makeup | contour kit
la femme | cinnabar
Concealed and powdered with MAC select cover up and MSF natural
in dark

H&M | Don't make me blush
Sleek makeup | peaches and cream
Revlon | peach petal

04 January 2012

my go to blush combo

Sleek Makeups Sahara & Aruba
 I always seem to be reaching for these blushes, I think it has something to do me trying to be more adventurous with my eye looks, which means I'm usually more neutral with what I plop on my cheeks. I love that these two just work so well together and warm up my face, without being too out there. I'll have a FOTD coming up on this look soon :)

02 January 2012

My Inglot palette

I remember hearing so much about Inglot eyeshadows on both youtube and on many, many blogs a while back, so of course I went out and got myself some! I've had my palette for almost a year now and as much as I love the quality of these shadows, I just didn't find myself reaching for them as much as my mac ones. I'm a matte lover, and when I purchased my palette Inglot's selection was poor, but they've since released a slew of matte shades. I plan on going to IMATS next month so hopefully I'll be picking up another palette or two consisting of a truck load of matte shades.

As I've been forcing myself to dig into my collection of non matte shades, my palette has been shown so much love, I use it every time I put on eyeshadow now! 

I have only one matte shade, and as you can see it has seen better days, I was moving around the colours in my palette, but when I came to moving this shade it began to crumble :(

Other than that these are great quality for the price. They are very pigmented and go on very smoothly and as I mentioned I will be picking up more. Quick note that 494 shade is actually purple, but it's an odd one as once you blend it out it does start to look navy.

If I remember correctly the palette cost £54

Pearl 423 | Pearl 421 | D.S 464 | Pearl 450 | Matte 366
Pearl 452 | AMC shine 12 | AMC shine 34 | D.S 494 | Pearl 413
Do you own any Inglot shadows?
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