29 November 2011

Panem makeup series: District 1

My love for The hunger games has now reached new heights. I don't even think I can explain how much I love these books, so I won't try to as I'm sure I'll just end up sounding like an obsessed mad woman. I'm bursting full of Ideas of what to do for the other districts, I hope you all enjoy the new series!

two faced | shadow insurance
ELF | Cream shadow duo in
MAC | Swiss Chocolate
120 palette
Inlgot | D.S 494
Inlgot | AMC shine 34
Wet n wild | Khole pencil
MAC | MSF natural in Dark
Rimmel | day to night mascara
Lashes form ebay

Illsamasqua | Sin blush

Gosh | 122 nougat
sephora | gloss #25

23 November 2011

Shopping my stash # 1

Since I've moved I've been having a really hard time trying to figure out lighting for product pics so I sort of gave up in the end when I was taking these pictures, I found myself getting rather annoyed.
My storm palette met my floor and as you can see the meeting didn't end too well I lost a couple of shadows plus shattered my mirror! I was so annoyed as it happened right after I finished filming the video :(

(I was supposed to reshoot these pics as I forgot to add in the sephora lipstick, but it's safe to say I'm just to lazy to do so...oh dear)

12 November 2011

Current 5 fav: eyeshadow

My current 5 fav series continues, if you haven't seen my fav blushes the click here. As you can seen my favs are all neutrals as that's what I've been into at the moment.

05 November 2011

The Polish files: ELF's Mint

Hey everyone, just a quick note, I've been without internet for over 2 weeks now so I've not been able to update :( I'm using the wifi from my phone which is not all that reliable, but I should be getting internet within the next few days.
Anywho I'd taken these pictures ages ago and rediscovered them on my hard drive. This shade is so pretty! its a mint green which I know has been a very popular nail polish shade for a while now. As much as I like the colour I find ELF polishes do chip quickly and they take a couple of coats to get them opaque.
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