01 December 2011

Getting my nails into good health

I'm pretty much at my wits end trying to get my nails healthy. My nails started peeling 2 years ago out of the blue and ever since then I've been pulling my hair out trying to get them to stop. I recently purchased Nail tek Foudation II and Biotin. I was using another nail tek line but I'm pretty sure it was not the right one for my nails, obviously as they're still peeling. This is the one that MissChevious from youtube uses and it was from her that I found out about nail tek. She has the same peeling problem and says this is the only thing that stops her nails from peeling.

Biotin is known for helping to promote nail and hair growth, the one I bought was 5000mcg which I plan on taking once a week. Some people complain that biotin breaks them out, so fingers crossed I don't have this problem, I've got 99 of them and I don't need my skin to be one ( I couldn't resist). I've not been wearing polish for a over a month now, I only wore some recently for my graduation and went straight back to naken nailness so they've been breathing. I'm ready to start my new nail reggie, so lets hope I have longer stronger nails in a few weeks time!

Both products were purchased from amazon
Biotin- £4.99 with shipping
Nail tek Foundation II - £12.50 (however I found another 
amazon seller selling it for less than half the price of what I paid for mine!)

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