23 November 2011

Shopping my stash # 1

Since I've moved I've been having a really hard time trying to figure out lighting for product pics so I sort of gave up in the end when I was taking these pictures, I found myself getting rather annoyed.
My storm palette met my floor and as you can see the meeting didn't end too well I lost a couple of shadows plus shattered my mirror! I was so annoyed as it happened right after I finished filming the video :(

(I was supposed to reshoot these pics as I forgot to add in the sephora lipstick, but it's safe to say I'm just to lazy to do so...oh dear)

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  1. Oh dear,thus a shame innit babe,sorry2hear but anyhoo need to buy that Topshop cream blush and love Rimmel Vintage pink

    U look so pretty xxx


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