15 October 2011

Review: Seche Vite fast dry top coat

Seche Vite is probably the most talked about top coat, I kept hearing about how quickly it dried and how its made polish last on the the nails. Of course after hearing all the great claims I had to get my hands on some. I've been using Seche vite top coat for months now and its a product that I have a love hate relationship with.
This stuff dries to the touch within a couple of minutes which I love, I paint my nails so often that I really don't have the patience to be hanging around in the hopes I don't ruin my manicure. It also leaves my nails with such a beautiful shine, sometimes I can't help but admire how purdy they look lol

However this product has its faults, and a big one its that it begins to get gloopy when you're only half way through the product! This bottle is my second, I bought it after I thought the one I had was no longer useable. There is a way to fix the problem, which is to purchase Seche restore a special thinner for the product.

Another fault for me is I sort of think that at times this top coat causes polish to come off, counter product i know. It never really chips, it just peels off my nails, and from reading reviews I know I'm not the only one who has this problem. But thats not all, the top coat also has a tendency to shrink, pulling the polish with it which makes it look like my nails are growing at the speed of light and wearing at the tip, its really odd.

Veridict? I love this top coat, I continue to use it because it dries super quickly and makes my manicure look real nice and glossy, the peeling and shrinking can be annoying but I can over look them as I change my polish often. However I am on the hunt for a good top coat that is easier for me to purchase and dries just as quickly.
I think its important to add that there's a warning on the bottle that has people worried when they discover it.
"This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm."
When I first read this I was surprised, but I read up a bit on the warning and I'n not as bothered by it but I do think I'm going to look for a replacement soon. Its one of those things that you have to look into yourself and decide on whether you still want to use the product.
I purchase both the top coat and restore from amazon for around £5.

What's your favourite top coat?

01 October 2011

A dupe for Illamasquas blush in Sin?

It's safe to say I'm a bit of a blush addict, so I try not to get dupes, we don't want anything going unloved now :) My Illamasqua Sin was a present from a friend of mine that I received a good while ago, after I took a good look, I saw a big resemblance to my Topshop cream to powder blush in crushed berry. After some comparing here's what I found.

Illamaqaua-left | Topshop right

Its clear to see that the topshop blush has far more of a pink to it, whilst the Illamasqua blush is more purple. This is a big contrast to how they look in the pan as they look near identical. Now you can see that once blended out, the differences become less apparent, however they are still noticeable.

Verdict? I'd say crushed berry was quite close to sin but not an exact dupe, which is great for me as now I know I don't have multiples of one colour. Crushed berry is the purse friendly option because topshop blushes retail at £6.00, and Illamasquas offerings are on the high end side retailing at £16.50. Both colours are great but I do love sin a bit more, from the above swatch its clear to see how pigmented it is, which helps it to last a good few hours on my face.
However both are great to have in your collection.
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