18 December 2011

FOTD: golden cranberries

I've totally embraced shimmery eyeshadow, I don't really go for all matte eye looks anymore which is good as my shadow collection will get more love and I can stop using up my beloved tete-a-tint. So here was my super simple FOTD from last week, yep I'm a lazy blogger, what can I say. I went over to a friends place for a girls night in, so I went for something simple.

MAC | Amber lights
Inglot | 450 pearl
Rimmel | Day to night mascara
ELF | liquid liner

Sleek makeup | sahara and aruba blush
MAC | Select cover up concealer
ELF | tone correcting concealer in spice

MAC | jubilee
Revlon | nude lustre lipgloss

10 December 2011

Review: Boots No7 radiance boosting hot cloth cleanser

"The combination of this rich, indulgent cleanser and the gentle exfoliating muslin cloth whisks away dead skin cells and daily grime whilst stimulating circulation, leaving your skin deeply clean,
soft and radiant"

I'm not going to beat about the bush here, I love this stuff! I bought it as an alternate to the ever loved Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, I wanted to see if adding a cleanser like this to my beauty routine would be for me. In my excitement to try this out I totally forgot to wait for the No7 £5 off vouchers *d'oh* I'm probably one of the only people in the world to pay full price for a No7 product. But it's still a good deal when you weight it up against its Liz Earle counterpart. The LE cleanser is £13.75 for 100ml and £24.50 for 200ml (with muslin cloth) and for the No7 cleansers its £10 for 200ml (with muslin cloth), so you can see why I went for the No7 offering first.The Cleanser has a very thick consistency, I usually use 1 pump for when I've not used foundation/powder and 1 1/2 for days when I have.  I actually look forward to using this as its like a nice litte treat every time I use it, it feels so moisturising! 

As you can see I've used a fair amount, but this stuff lasts forever, I bought this bottle I think in July and its still going strong. Now granted I don't use this everyday, I used to, but now I use this every time my skin is playing up or when I want to give it a good clean.
The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth and I also purchased a pack of 3 when I bought this one. The cloths are ok, not that soft though so I may look into some from another brand. 

All in all I am very happy with this product! I can honestly say that it keeps my spots at bay and has helped me through some tricky break outs. I really think this product has something to do with the fact that I barely get any blemishes on my cheeks anymore, which was a big issue for me. I'm thinking this my have HG statuts! I highly doubt I'll be trying the LE cleanser now that I have one I love :D

Have you tried a hot cloth cleanser?

04 December 2011

Haul | ELF

Studio gel liner | Tone correcting concealer  in spice

Studio powder brush | concealer brush

Mango madness | Gum pink | Lilac | plum | rosy raisin  

I love me a bit of ELF, I can always get a lot with feeling guilty about how much I'm spending and with ELF doing 40% how could I resist? Some of the things I picked up were re-stock items and the rest were things I'd had my eye on.

01 December 2011

Getting my nails into good health

I'm pretty much at my wits end trying to get my nails healthy. My nails started peeling 2 years ago out of the blue and ever since then I've been pulling my hair out trying to get them to stop. I recently purchased Nail tek Foudation II and Biotin. I was using another nail tek line but I'm pretty sure it was not the right one for my nails, obviously as they're still peeling. This is the one that MissChevious from youtube uses and it was from her that I found out about nail tek. She has the same peeling problem and says this is the only thing that stops her nails from peeling.

Biotin is known for helping to promote nail and hair growth, the one I bought was 5000mcg which I plan on taking once a week. Some people complain that biotin breaks them out, so fingers crossed I don't have this problem, I've got 99 of them and I don't need my skin to be one ( I couldn't resist). I've not been wearing polish for a over a month now, I only wore some recently for my graduation and went straight back to naken nailness so they've been breathing. I'm ready to start my new nail reggie, so lets hope I have longer stronger nails in a few weeks time!

Both products were purchased from amazon
Biotin- £4.99 with shipping
Nail tek Foundation II - £12.50 (however I found another 
amazon seller selling it for less than half the price of what I paid for mine!)

29 November 2011

Panem makeup series: District 1

My love for The hunger games has now reached new heights. I don't even think I can explain how much I love these books, so I won't try to as I'm sure I'll just end up sounding like an obsessed mad woman. I'm bursting full of Ideas of what to do for the other districts, I hope you all enjoy the new series!

two faced | shadow insurance
ELF | Cream shadow duo in
MAC | Swiss Chocolate
120 palette
Inlgot | D.S 494
Inlgot | AMC shine 34
Wet n wild | Khole pencil
MAC | MSF natural in Dark
Rimmel | day to night mascara
Lashes form ebay

Illsamasqua | Sin blush

Gosh | 122 nougat
sephora | gloss #25

23 November 2011

Shopping my stash # 1

Since I've moved I've been having a really hard time trying to figure out lighting for product pics so I sort of gave up in the end when I was taking these pictures, I found myself getting rather annoyed.
My storm palette met my floor and as you can see the meeting didn't end too well I lost a couple of shadows plus shattered my mirror! I was so annoyed as it happened right after I finished filming the video :(

(I was supposed to reshoot these pics as I forgot to add in the sephora lipstick, but it's safe to say I'm just to lazy to do so...oh dear)

12 November 2011

Current 5 fav: eyeshadow

My current 5 fav series continues, if you haven't seen my fav blushes the click here. As you can seen my favs are all neutrals as that's what I've been into at the moment.

05 November 2011

The Polish files: ELF's Mint

Hey everyone, just a quick note, I've been without internet for over 2 weeks now so I've not been able to update :( I'm using the wifi from my phone which is not all that reliable, but I should be getting internet within the next few days.
Anywho I'd taken these pictures ages ago and rediscovered them on my hard drive. This shade is so pretty! its a mint green which I know has been a very popular nail polish shade for a while now. As much as I like the colour I find ELF polishes do chip quickly and they take a couple of coats to get them opaque.

15 October 2011

Review: Seche Vite fast dry top coat

Seche Vite is probably the most talked about top coat, I kept hearing about how quickly it dried and how its made polish last on the the nails. Of course after hearing all the great claims I had to get my hands on some. I've been using Seche vite top coat for months now and its a product that I have a love hate relationship with.
This stuff dries to the touch within a couple of minutes which I love, I paint my nails so often that I really don't have the patience to be hanging around in the hopes I don't ruin my manicure. It also leaves my nails with such a beautiful shine, sometimes I can't help but admire how purdy they look lol

However this product has its faults, and a big one its that it begins to get gloopy when you're only half way through the product! This bottle is my second, I bought it after I thought the one I had was no longer useable. There is a way to fix the problem, which is to purchase Seche restore a special thinner for the product.

Another fault for me is I sort of think that at times this top coat causes polish to come off, counter product i know. It never really chips, it just peels off my nails, and from reading reviews I know I'm not the only one who has this problem. But thats not all, the top coat also has a tendency to shrink, pulling the polish with it which makes it look like my nails are growing at the speed of light and wearing at the tip, its really odd.

Veridict? I love this top coat, I continue to use it because it dries super quickly and makes my manicure look real nice and glossy, the peeling and shrinking can be annoying but I can over look them as I change my polish often. However I am on the hunt for a good top coat that is easier for me to purchase and dries just as quickly.
I think its important to add that there's a warning on the bottle that has people worried when they discover it.
"This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm."
When I first read this I was surprised, but I read up a bit on the warning and I'n not as bothered by it but I do think I'm going to look for a replacement soon. Its one of those things that you have to look into yourself and decide on whether you still want to use the product.
I purchase both the top coat and restore from amazon for around £5.

What's your favourite top coat?

01 October 2011

A dupe for Illamasquas blush in Sin?

It's safe to say I'm a bit of a blush addict, so I try not to get dupes, we don't want anything going unloved now :) My Illamasqua Sin was a present from a friend of mine that I received a good while ago, after I took a good look, I saw a big resemblance to my Topshop cream to powder blush in crushed berry. After some comparing here's what I found.

Illamaqaua-left | Topshop right

Its clear to see that the topshop blush has far more of a pink to it, whilst the Illamasqua blush is more purple. This is a big contrast to how they look in the pan as they look near identical. Now you can see that once blended out, the differences become less apparent, however they are still noticeable.

Verdict? I'd say crushed berry was quite close to sin but not an exact dupe, which is great for me as now I know I don't have multiples of one colour. Crushed berry is the purse friendly option because topshop blushes retail at £6.00, and Illamasquas offerings are on the high end side retailing at £16.50. Both colours are great but I do love sin a bit more, from the above swatch its clear to see how pigmented it is, which helps it to last a good few hours on my face.
However both are great to have in your collection.

21 September 2011

My mac lipstick collection

I wanted to do a post on all my mac lippies as I knew that it would be helpful to those of you who are searching for swatches, or even maybe if you are looking to purchase a new mac lipstick but you don't know what to buy. As I had so many to swatch I made two videos, so I've done a video on my nude shades and one on my more colourful ones.
Did you see any lipsticks that you might want to purchase?

14 September 2011

My concealers

Now I've not tried a ton of concealers, the ones you see here are pretty all that I have ventured to give a go. However I really love the ones that I have and thought I'd share them with you all :)

The first one is the Mac studio finish concealer (NC50) which is pretty full coverage, so It's great for hiding all my annoying blemishes and cleaning up round my brows. I initilly bought it as an undereye concealer but I found to be just too heavy for that task. As you can see its well loved and I'm very close to hitting pan!
Mac Select cover-up (NC50) does a great job of concealing under my eyes, I'd say its medium converage so its not too heavy and blends in like a dream.

I use these two Eyes lips face (E.L.F)  products to lighten under my eyes. I add the E.L.F tone correcting concealer (Medium) to my select cover up as it lightens it up really well. You really can't use this on its own as you will look ashy, and we all know that's never a good look. The same goes for the E.L.F mineral concealer (Warm), this I don't use as much, when I want super light kim K looking under eyes then I'll reach for it. I use it with a big fluffy blending brush and pat it under my eyes. Be warned though, as a little goes a long way with this stuff!
Have you tried any of these? What are your go to concealers?

12 September 2011

Greener pastures makeup tutorial

 One of my subscribers had requested this green and yellow look. These aren't colours that I would usually choose to use, however I enjoyed the challenge :)


11 September 2011

Lipstick and blush

I've had these images on my laptop for a while now, I wanted to make a beauty tab for my fashion blog so I took a bunch of photos of some of my lipsticks and blushes. I actually ended up using some of these picture for my header if you look closely:). So I'm clearing out some of my files and thought it would be a great idea to post these pics here before they're deleted.

06 September 2011

The polish files: Barry M peach Melba

{image taken with flash}
If you don't have this colour in your collection, then you need it asap, it's too pretty to not own! Its a beautiful peach colour that honestly suits everyone I've seen wear it. The formulation is a bit runny, but that's the case with a lot of barry Ms lighter more pastel shades, it takes a bit of working with but the end result is worth it.
What do you think of this shade?

03 September 2011

Last Rays of Sun makeup tutorial

I've had this tutorial on my video to do list for a while now, as soon as I received the Illamasqua pigment in one of my glossyboxes, I had in my head the look I wanted. Let me know what you all think :)

too faced | shadow insurance
MAC | Swiss chocolate
Illamasqua | pure pigment in Marvel
Inglot | 366 Matte
Sleek makeup | black from the sunset palette
MAC | MSF dark
E.L.F | liquid liner
MAC | float on by eye kohl
L.A girl | smokey

MAC | select cover up
E.L.F | tone correcting concealer
MAC | studio finish concealer
MAC | MSF dark

brown lip liner
Sleek makeup | peaches and cream
Revlon | peach petal

Current 5 fav | Blushes

My current 5 favs is a series I started on my youtube channel, that I plan to update on the blog only. I basically talk about 5 products from a specific catagory that I've been loving. The first video in this series was about nail polish, and now I'm on to blushes, which are one of my big makeup weakness'.
I've put the video below as I talk in more detail on each individual blush.

1. Santorini
2. Sunrise
3. Pan tao
(1-3 are all sleek makeup)
4. Illamasqua | tweak
5. NARS | Exhibit A

31 August 2011

Barry M's Pink flamingo

Today I painted my nails with Barry M's pink flamingo, this shade is one that I've recently been reaching for often. Its a beautiful pinky coral shade that really pops, as you might already be able to tell :) Mine was getting a bit gloopy, however a few drops of polish thinner sorted that problem out right away.

Weleda pomergranate regenerating body oil

I received this body Oil in one of my glossyboxes. now I'm  more of a lotion kinda girl, so I didn't think I would get much use out of this product however since receiving it I haven't stopped using it! yes its an oils, but it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy as it absorbs very quickly and leaves it feeling really soft. The scent is lush and not at all overpowering, I'm not a fan of strong scented products so I love the subtle scent it left behind on my skin. This one bottle has lasted me around 2 months which I think is reasonable as I slather a lot on. would I repurchase, no, at £19.95 I'm sure I can get the same results from a product doing the same thing.
Have you tired a body oil before?

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